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Camelot Collection Traditional Wall Lanterns by Hinkley Outdoor Lights

Camelot Traditional Outdoor Wall Lanterns by Hinkley Outdoor Lighting

Wall Lamps by Hinkley Outdoor Lighting Camelot Collection

Since I am a preteen of the 1990s, I think of “First Knight” when I hear Camelot. My mother associates Camelot with the Kennedys. Hinkley Outdoor Lights named their collection of outdoor lights, Camelot, to inspire the feeling of romantic castles and suspense of court intrigue. Is Lancelot faithful to his King but in love with Guinevere? This traditional outdoor lighting collection includes more than the two wall lanterns pictured above. The Camelot family of lighting fixtures share features such as beveled glass, a black finish and a traditional design.

In the 1995 movie, “First Knight” Julia Ormond’s character had to choose between King Arthur played by Sean Connery or Knight Lancelot played by Richard Gere. When I think of the King Arthur, Knight Lancelot and Queen Guinevere story I think of heartbreak, broken friendships and the luxury of marriage for love. Too much drama? Well, it wasn’t until modern times that women could marry for love. During the Camelot of the Middle Ages, marriages were political and economic arrangements. Hinkley Outdoor Lights’ Camelot outdoor wall lights are sure to spark conversation about King Arthur and what your neighbors think of the alleged love affair between Lancelot and Guinevere. Juicy gossip! So what if it’s a 6th century rumor?

Cape Cod Collection Rustic Nautical Outdoor Lighting Fixtures by Hinkley Outdoor Lighting

Cape Cod Family of Rustic Nautical Outdoor Lights by Hinkley Lighting

Nautical Exterior Lights Rustic Cape Cod by Hinkley Lighting

Imagine a bowl of hot cioppino soup with crunchy garlic croutons. Picture yourself sitting at a rustic seafood restaurant in Cape Cod. Walk to Marconi beach to watch the seals. You don’t mind the sandy grit that sticks to your shoes. Nautical outdoor lights guide you back to your cottage.

Decorate your porch with nautical Cape Cod outdoor lights by Hinkley Outdoor Lighting and recreate this shoreline fantasy in the middle of the week! Choose Sienna bronze finish to complement the clear seedy glass of these exterior rustic lighting fixtures. Imagine the sounds of the beach and the sight of gray driftwood as piping plovers pick at marine worms.

You lean against powdery sand dunes and take in the horizon. Install the rustic Cape Cod post light by Hinkley Outdoor Lighting. It stands 23.75″ high and 14″wide. Many of the Cape Cod family of outdoor rustic lighting fixtures meet energy saving fluorescent outdoor lighting and dark sky requirements. Dark sky compliant means that these nautical lamps have a reflector that minimizes glare upwards to the evening sky. You can select incandescent or fluorescent energy efficient lighting models. Pretend black banded shorebirds twitter at your feet as you re-read Moby Dick by Herman Melville.

Raley Collection of Victorian Outdoor Lighting by Hinkley Outdoor Lighting

Raley Family of Romantic Victorian Lights by Hinkley Lighting

Raley Family of Energy Saving and Energy Star Lights by Hinkley Lighting

You down your last pint of ale and bid goodnight to your chums. You leave the pub to walk home alone. The mist is so thick that your gray woolen cape  becomes black with dampness. Your heart races. Is that someone standing menacingly by the alley? The Victorian thinkers were not the first ones to explore the root of good and evil. Should you be afraid of the stranger or should the stranger fear you? Does evil come from within or somewhere else? Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, published in 1886, comes to mind.

The traditional outdoor lighting of Raley’s Victorian fixtures capture the contemplative, romantic melancholy of this line of thought.  Hinkley Outdoor Lighting uses a museum black finish on its traditional outdoor sconces that is raven’s wing black. The cast aluminum structures are handsomely crafted into wrought iron scrolls. Clear waterglass panels in Raley’s traditional exterior post lamps allow the energy efficient lighting to shine through. The post light, model number 1601 MB, is 27.5″ high and 11.75″ diameter. Energy saver and energy star options are available for the hanging light model number 1602 MB. You can illuminate the outdoors with three or four, 40 watt candle-shaped bulbs.  Select a hanging Victorian outdoor lighting fixture with a 5′ or 6′ chain. Consider a Raley outdoor wall lantern, model number 1606 MB, that is 8.75″ high and 5.5″wide.

Contemplate the ideas of good and evil from the snug safety of your living room. Light your property and increase your security with energy efficient lighting for the neighborhood. Choose a wrought iron, Victorian outdoor lighting fixture and let your Dr. Jekyll–the good side– shine through.

Potter Family Mediterranean Victorian Outdoor Lighting by Troy Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Victorian Potter by Troy Lighting

Vintage Outdoor Lighting Victorian Mediterranean by Troy Lighting

My heart flutters when I find vintage outdoor lights but not for reasons you might think.  Usually Victorian vintage lighting seems to neglect the Mediterranean home decor preferences of men. Not this collection!

Troy Outdoor Lighting’s Potter family Victorian outdoor lighting hints of the dynamic second English Renaissance! How can I tell? When you study the quiet design of the Potter Victorian post light, you’ll see that it takes an energy efficient light, fluorescent bulbs. The Victorian Great Exhibition in 1851 boasted technological advances and industrial machinery of the time. This energy saver follows that innovative tradition. Men rejoice!

This is my favorite masculine Mediterranean Victorian family of lights. Some call the Victorian era the beginning of modern times! In other words, Victorian design is not just for lace-loving women. Men can select Victorian outdoor lighting too! Let me explain. Though the scroll accents of this Victorian Mediterranean wall lighting may signal prudishness to contemporary viewers, this period was the start of radical ideas in science and politics. Murmurs of feminism were beginning in England and America even as women wore uncomfortable corsets.

See the Mediterranean decor of Troy Lighting’s Potter hanging wall light and you’ll observe a dignified lighting fixture. Notice that the whole Potter family of lights, not just the 11”wide and 33 ¼” high wall lights, features both gothic and medieval overtones. Did you know that this light is hand-forged in the fired iron finish of Victorian style? You don’t need to graduate from an exclusive private school such as Eton or Harrow to know that this vintage outdoor lighting alludes to the time period of Lewis Carroll, Oscar Wilde, Karl Marx and Charles Darwin. Add Sigmund Freud to the mix and you’ll see that though the Mediterranean outdoor lighting of the time was graceful, the period was full of exciting events and ideas!

Purchase the Potter family of outdoor lights with incandescent lights for its attractiveness or fluorescent energy saving features. The wall light is convertible. You can choose long tail or short tail. Amber mist glass glows from the fluorescent model and seeded glass protects the incandescent light.  Sit under these lights on a warm evening and study the rise of the Victorian middle class and upheaval of aristocracy by the newly moneyed commercial merchants.  A classic work of literature such as Alice Through the Looking Glass will expand your mind too.

You’ll be refreshed to learn that the Victorian era was not a closed-minded time in history. I also hope you are convinced that Victorian decor is for dudes too! You’ll have a rich reminder of history to light your way home because of Troy Lighting.

Mediterranean Vintage Outdoor Lighting by Troy Lighting French Quarter

Mediterranean Outdoor Lighting by Troy Lighting French Quarter Family

French Quarter Outdoor Lighting by Troy Lighting

Do you prefer an abundance of lace in your home decor? Do you display pitchers of irises and silver picture frames in your house? If so, you may have a bug. The Victorian decor bug! Troy Outdoor Lighting French Quarter has your fix. Indulge in sweet Victorian outdoor lighting. It’s so coy that it’ll make you blush!

This is my favorite Victorian Mediterranean hybrid. French Quarter offers Mediterranean French outdoor post lighting, wall lights and hanging pendant lamps in an aged pewter finish. This drool-worthy finish is as rich as a the Medieval tapestry reproduction that you have displayed in your guest room!

If every surface of your furniture is covered in lace, shrouded in skirts and sprinkled with knickknacks, then this is the outdoor lighting for you. Think Eliza Doolittle of “My Fair Lady”! Or if you prefer, “Pygmalion” by George Bernard Shaw. Either way, I know you have a bonnet in the closet and white gloves hidden in a vanity drawer.

A Victorian gentleman or gentlewoman will enjoy the hand-forged iron and frosted glass of these lamps. Energy efficient lighting options such as fluorescent lighting features are available too. Clear glass casing for Mediterranean outdoor lighting is featured for such models. The metal scrollwork of the vintage outdoor wall light will enchant you! It curls like flowers on trellises. Select the hanging outdoor light that is 10″ wide by 29″ high. The lantern of the post light measures 10″ wide by 30″ high.

Decorate your home with these Victorian outdoor lights and I might accept an invitation to tea! We can wear our biggest hats together!

Nautical Lighting by Troy Lighting’s Raleigh Family

outdoor hanging light, wall light, and pendant light by Troy Lighting

Troy Lighting Raleigh Nautical Lighting

Are you experiencing the doldrums? Do you daydream about delivering a broadside? Do you like the cut of Sir Walter Raleigh’s jib? If so, then consider Troy Outdoor Lighting. Its Raleigh family is an awesome tribute to nautical lighting! The old silver finish  and beams from these outdoor fluorescent lights will keep you focused and prevent you from being blown off course. You can dream of exploration without leaving your front stoop!

Maybe you don’t have your own merchant ship but why not imagine yourself battling privateers? Imagine firing canons on a war ship. Add nautical outdoor lights to your interior or exterior setting with Troy Lighting Raleigh dimmable LEDs. The retro pendant lighting uses 1.2 W LEDs and only consumes 5.5 W. Select the Raleigh hanging outdoor light to highlight a wooden deck in your backyard. Troy Lighting offers hanging lights that use 26W GU24 Compact Fluorescent bulbs too. For example, the Troy Raleigh Outdoor Pendant Lamp accepts fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

You don’t have to use a spyglass or wear a wooden peg leg to love this nautical collection by Troy Lighting. Let your imagination run free and decorate your home tastefully with this vintage outdoor lighting. You are invited to sing salty sea shanties! It’s up to you if you want to wear the Elizabethan frills.