Copper Path Light by Kichler Outdoor Lights

Copper Path Light by Kichler Outdoor Lights

Low Voltage Copper Path Light by Kichler Outdoor Lights

Pretty as a penny! This shiny copper low voltage landscape lighting by Kichler Outdoor Lights can save you pretty pennies too. These energy efficient lighting fixtures use low voltage LED technology to save energy. Longer-lasting than incandescent bulbs, these LED outdoor lighting fixtures have a life span of 50,000 hours. Like Maria of “The Sound of Music”, ¬†bright copper kettles are some of my favorite things! A copper hue here signals coziness in home decor.

Beautiful and enduring! If you love the look of decorative copper kitchenware, copper plumbing fixtures and copper planters in your home, you’ll appreciate this metallic finish LED path light in your garden. The copper finish is a rosy shiny hue. Its high polish is attractive.

Copper is a pretty and practical choice for garden path lighting. Since copper is waterproof, the material has been used for roofing. Copper has also been used to line ships to prevent barnacles from adhering. Though barnacles aren’t going to be a menace in your garden, rest assured that your garden decor will be enhanced by the glow of these copper LED landscape path lighting fixtures.

Bring back the old world with a nostalgic path light in a copper metallic finish. These modern copper lighting fixtures are energy saving lights that are 12 Volt LED landscape lighting powerhouses that will shine a beacon on your garden plants. The 8″ in ground stakes are included so you can start saving energy today.