LED Tiki Style Outdoor Lighting by Kichler Outdoor Lights

LED Tiki Style Outdoor Lighting by Kichler Outdoor Lights

Tiki Style LED Landscape Lighting by Kichler Outdoor Lights

My heart has been stolen by a tiki style outdoor lighting fixture by Kichler Outdoor Lights. I imagine hibiscus flowers, black rock and flowing orange lava. I envision being pampered like Meg Ryan’s character in “Joe Versus the Volcano.” Take me to the Polynesian islands now!

The low voltage LED landscape lighting is an unobtrusive textured bronze. It stands 22″ tall by 8″ wide.  Though the tiki style path lighting fixture is whimsical, its 8” in ground stakes blend well in a number of settings. If you have decorated your home with tropical ceiling fans and other island accents this low voltage path lighting is a bonus.

Spice up your garden or driveway with this path lighting to ignite some island inspiration. You can feel virtuous about outdoor lighting energy-saving because of your LED selection! The Pacific Ocean and the rest of Mother Earth thank you.

Practice your Tahitian dance moves in your backyard as a celebration. I won’t tell. These path lighting fixtures allow spotlighting for your plants but an aura of mystery for the rest of your garden.

Escape in your backyard hammock and envision the blue-green water of the Cook Islands. Imagine the delightfully hot sun on your shoulders on your Hawaiian vacation. Not planning to go to New Zealand or any of these island retreats? No matter. Kichler Outdoor Lights makes your home the ideal island sanctuary for a staycation with its fantastic LED landscape lighting. Crack open a coconut and save a fancy-umbrella drink for me! I’ll be there quicker than you can say, “Kia ora tatou”.